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God's Computer: Bountiful Beginnings, Middles, and Presence

Liam O'Hara is currently playing in a grunge, alt-rock, light metal, droney garage band called God’s Computer from Kansas City (KC). A punk dystopian, sardonic group with only 3 singles released to date, Liam’s partner in crime is Sage. To keep up with God’s Computer and their inevitable rise to success, other than following them on Spotify, you can follow their Instagram @godscomputerband.

Liam’s musical endeavors started a few years ago with a tight-knit Reddit community called r/bedroombands. As about six months went by, Liam quickly became proficient with creating music and made about 30 demos with this Reddit community spanning across the world. Not everyone vibed with Liam’s artistic, musical vision in the subreddit. But after Liam’s r/bedroombands stint, he just felt like it was time to move on saying, “My vocal style is a little unique, and some of the people didn’t really like where I was going with it, you know?”

Liam also noted the unique intersection in the wide metal genre became an issue for him with this community saying, “Cuz like I’m big into a lot of metal type stuff but they’re looking for screaming a lot of the time. And, like, I like metal instrumentals a lot [...] But I don’t like to scream really; like I like to listen to some screaming [songs]. But I don’t personally like to do it myself and I get kind of turned off by it in music. And also the kind of high pitch aspect of the vocals, some people just don’t vibe with it.”

The other half of God’s Computer is Sage, a character that Liam met on Craigslist of all places. Luckily, Liam and Sage got off on the right foot, as Liam stated, “I’m happy that I found this guy I’m working with now because we’re kinda on the same page with music and stuff like that. And he’s cool and I like the stuff that we’re doing so far and how it’s going.” In fact, previously Liam has also found other cliques of people involved in music in some way to create some jams. If you’re looking for someone to make music with, scan through Craigslist I guess; who would have thought?

As our interview progressed, Liam explained what he’s doing to elevate God’s Computer and what they’ll be doing going forward. Liam also clarified God’s Computer’s whole ethos, saying, “I just want to make a lot of music and have people like listen to it [...] I bought these business cards I just showed you [pictured above] [...] and I’ve just been going out and talking to people at bars and stuff and seeing what kind of music people, [...] if they like alt-rock I tell them I’m in God’s Computer and give them a business card.” A very DIY approach, Liam has a pretty cool way of guerilla marketing in KC. Liam continued talking about his wavering plans for the future, saying, “I don’t know what the plan is going forward but I just want a lot of people in KC to know who God’s Computer is. [...] The plan, short term, is to try and get out CDs and business cards to people in KC.”

The other thing that God’s Computer is trying to do for promotion is collab with other bands. Liam stated, “One thing I’m kind of interested in doing is collabing with other artists. We can drop music whenever we want like we’re an independent band. [...] Our audience finds out about them and their audience finds out about us.”

Towards the end of the interview, Liam clarified that God’s Computer is down to work with whoever fucks with their tracks, saying, “I’m honestly cool with collabing with like anyone, if we like each other's music. If anyone sees what God’s Computer is doing and wants to collab, just reach out, that’d be cool.”

PS: If you’re interested in checking out Sage’s and Liam’s respective Spotify playlists, check out the linked text.

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