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Howdy, I'm a Los Angeles native but I'm currently posted in Seattle. I specialize in interviews and press events with underground, up-and-coming musicians as one of my goals is to create and sustain a symbiotic relationship that creates a buzz for myself, Fatty Strap, and artists alike.


My goal as it relates to readers is to expose them to local musicians, notable events, unique stories, and my perspective as it relates to the music scene primarily in Seattle and Los Angeles.


If you're interested in requesting an interview, an album review, or my attendance at an event email us at



Kuyper blowing soap bubbles through a window.
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Portrait of a young woman with a 3-D effect.
A painter's studio with a red effect.
A Renior painting of four nude women
A Renoir nude painting of a woman in a forest.
A Monet painting of a woman sitting and reading the newspaper with a purple effect.
The reverse of a nude figure circa 1970
Two nude women standing with a yellow effect.
A Renoir painting of a woman bathing in a stream.
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