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Seattle Bandz Bash 2 Live Networking Event

*This article was co-written by Emma and Kuyper*

Seattle Bandz Bash 2 took place on Friday, November 19, 2021, and was hosted by @eternvlproductions. The event took place at Genesee Hall in South Seattle and entrance was $10 for GA. The event featured vendors and performances from Leebo, Phlegm, Cachecaprix, The Syndicate & more. There were EDM, Pop, Rap, Hip-Hop, and R&B artists attending the event along with vendors that were selling primarily awesome, handmade hoodies and other fashion accessories.

Most of the MCs performed talented throughout the night--and there were a ton of MCs. Each artist had 20-30 minute sets and the next rapper basically went right up onto the stage with very little time to relax in-between sets. You could also tell that it was some of these artists' first times performing and, for others, it was probably their 50th time performing. There was a notable difference of skill and experience between some artists and other artists which kind of killed the vibe in a few places throughout the night. However, many of the artists were really great to watch and the crowd was largely following the vibe that they put forth. Overall it was definitely a positive promotional event for some better-experienced artists and hopefully a good lesson for lesser-experienced artists.

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