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Fatty Strap is a non-profit music blog that prioritizes our writers' personal experience and voice while simultaneously valuing artists as the other half of the symbiotic relationship that music and culture journalism requires. While we think it's important to provide our honest, subjective take on music, art, and culture, we respect that all art is valuable to different degrees, to different people. Overall, our goal is to discuss, explore, critique, and promote artists, movements, and cultural topics to ultimately provide interesting content for our readers.


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About Fatty Strap,

We are Fatty Strap, a co-op of writers fostering an environment that prioritizes writers' voices, allowing our tastes and subjective experiences to shape our articles and interviews as they relate to our personal background with music and culture.

Fatty Strap was initially founded by a small team of passionate creatives: Emma Hyman, Jack Kuyper, Malone Urfalian, Charlie Anastasis, and Jess Wolfe

Fatty Strap is based in a handful of cities including Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, and Chicago.

Fatty Strap officially launched on October 30, 2021.

Moving forward, we plan to continue developing Fatty Strap by creating compelling content including exclusive interviews with artists, subjective album reviews, gripping concert articles, hosting live concerts, and eventually limited-edition merch.


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